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Sunday, July 22, 2007

How to...a couple of Recipes (a meme)

We wrote two very different recipes on Italian life, food, and culture. Want to send us your recipes? We'd love to try them out!

Recipe for Becoming the Perfect Man
(in order to meet an Italian girl)

100 grams of affection

200 grams of politeness

350 grams of humor

400 grams of passion

one glass spirit of adventure

500 grams of patience

a pinch of madness

jealousy, to taste

1. Mix the ingredients together and put them into the body of a gorgeous man. (Please don't forget to sprinkle a handful of salt into his head!)

2. Serve very hot and accompany with a good bottle of wine and at least a dozen red roses.

3. Light some candles, and good luck!!

Pizza: the Don Gennaro Capuozzo Method (Old School)

1 kg flour
1 tablespoon of sugar
1 tablespoon of salt
buffalo mozzarella
1 cup of water

1. First, put the flour into a big bowl. Add a spoon of sugar and one of salt.

2. Then, dissolve the yeast into a big cup of hot water.

3. Now, slowly pour the dissolved yeast into the four and mix everything until you obtain the right consistency.

4. Then,cover the bowl with a hot cloth and let the mixture rise for two hours.

5. After two hours, take some of the mixture and roll it out on a table covered with flour. Then, switch on the oven to 200 C. Meanwhile, pour some oil in a baking tin and put the pizza dough in it.

6. Now, put tomato sauce on the pizza, and sprinkle some salt on it. Put the prepared pizza in the oven (if possible, use a wood oven).

7. Wait 15 minutes, and add the other ingredients. After another five to ten minutes, it's ready!

8. Finally, we wish you "Buon Appetito!"

Hope you enjoy our very different (but equally important for Italians) recipes! Tell us your best "recipes" as well! Give us a taste of your culture! We're tagging all blogs for this meme.

-the fleas


Anonymous said...
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Sharon said...

Toast two slices of bread on both sides. Mix one can of tuna with a tablespoon of mayonaise, one small chopped onion and a little salt.
Spread the tuna mix on top of one slice of the bread. On top of this place one piece of cheese like swiss cheese. Place under a broiler for three minutes to soften cheese and remove. Put the second slice of bread on top and you now have a tuna melt sandwich.