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Monday, July 23, 2007

a bit about Macerata

Two students conquer the task of writing about their hometown (and our class's homebase), Macerata, in Le Marche, Italy.

I live in Macerata. It is a small and fun town. It has an ancient downtown and it is near both the mountains and the sea. There is a good university, and therefore, there is a little bit of nightlife. You should come in summer. There are a lot of parties in the nearby villages and you can go to the beach and see the night life along the seaside. Instead, if you want to go to the mountains for skiing, you should come in winter.

Either way, you should eat at a typical local restaurant.

I'm going to tell you something about Macerata! It's a very small city in the middle of Italy; it's situated in the hills, both near the sea and the mountain: it takes only half an hour to reach both.

45 thousand people live in Macerata, more or less; the area isn't very big, so the city is often busy during the day. However, there isn't a chaotic nightlife, so we can say that Macerata is still a quiet city.

You should come to visit my city for many reasons:
• it's an old city, and so there are lots of historic places, and you can also find interesting things in some towns near Macerata.
• the cuisine is very good! Typical dishes are vincisgrassi, tagliatelle, and porchetta.

I think the best time to come to Macerata is in Spring, there is nice weather and there are some very beautiful landscapes!


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