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Monday, July 23, 2007

what would YOU be?

For a class assignment, we had to choose--among planets, animals, and colours--what we would be. From panthers to the moon, here are some of our class's responses:

Gianluca chose a colour: blue.

"I feel like the colour blue, because it is the colour which represents my favourite kinds of music: jazz and blues. My favourite artists are B.B. King, Django Reinhardt, Ray Charles, Muddy "Mississippi" Waters, and many others.

Blue is the most elegant colour. Many important people wear blue during very important events, like the opera, galas, and parties. Blue is the colour of the night."

Irene chose an animal: a bird.
"I'd like to be a bird who flies through the sky with his friends and explores a lot of places. I'd like to be independent and learn things from my mistakes without the help of anyone else. Only in this way can I better myself. I must awake alert to surive!"

Silvia chose a "planet": the moon.
"I would be the moon because it is far from earth. I would be alone and see the people who live and die; no one could hear me, but I could hear everything. I would become the dream of humanity. Everybody would admire me but only few people would be able to touch me."

- fleas

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