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Friday, July 20, 2007

The ultimate jokes

Our class wrote these two jokes (our creations!) today. Hope they make you laugh...

1. Once upon a time, a little bird came back home after work, with a fabulous new car.He blind folded his wife and he took her out to the car.
He took of her blind fold and she said: "oh, cheap, cheap!"
The husband said: "how did you know the car was on sale?!?!"

2. A husband goes to the doctor's office and says: "I think that my wife is trying to poison me!"
The doctor: "Why do you think that?"
The husband: "Yesterday for dinner she gave me moldy cheese, It was really awful!!! I brought you a piece of it."
The doctor looks at the cheese, he eats it heartily, and he says: "It's only gorgonzola!!!"

Please VOTE for which one you prefer in the comments section! And have a wonderful weekend.

- fleas


Lori said...

Gotta vote for #2 - The first one sounds too much like a bad pun my mom would make!

Good job on the jokes!

SabineM said...

I vote for #1

Stelle In Italia said...

Number 2 is hilarious! Gorganzola! Ha! It's got my vote.

Great work on your blog, Fleas. Your teachers must be really talented, too!